Anywhere Anytime Access

  • Access from any device, including Mobile devices
  • No need for a dedicated Mobile App
  • Truly Device & Operating-System independent

Employee Self-Service

  • Leave Application
  • Leave Balance enquiries
  • View & Print past month payslips

Leave Management

  • Track Earned / Annual Leave, Medical Leave, Maternity Leave, Child Care Leave, NS Leave, LWP / Unpaid Leave etc…
  • Multiple Leave Structure - configure different set of Leaves for Branch, Department, Division or even Employee Status etc
  • Leave Adjustment
  • Leave Opening Entry
  • Unpaid Leave deduction is computed automatically

Multiple Pay Structure (Pay Items)

  • User Define Pay Items – Create Pay Items as you need. Simply classify new Pay Items as Allowance or Deduction
  • Default Pay Items – Standard Pay Items like Basic, Commission, Bonus etc are available in default
  • Multiple Pay Structures – Create different set of Pay Structures for Branch, Department, Division or even Employee Status
  • Statutory Contributions - All statutory contributions like CPF, SINDA/CDAC/ECF, SDL, SOCSO, EPF, MTD, EIS, PF, IT PT etc are calculated automatically. Changes to contribution rates are updated as and when updated by the statutory boards
  • No manual data entry to update Accounts. Seamlessly integrated with FACT ERP.NG ensuring an error-free and automatic synchronization of payroll data to accounts

Holiday Calender

  • Import Regional Holiday Calendar from the internet
  • Create customized Holiday Calendar
  • Multiple Holiday Calendars – Create different set of Holiday Calendars for Branch, Department, Division or even Employee Status etc

Comprehensive Employee Details

  • Record extensive employee details in the Employee Master
  • Attach / Upload documents like ICs, Drivers Licences, Certificates, Passports etc

Informative Cockpit

  • Alerts for expiring Passports, Employment Passes, Visas etc
  • Payroll Run reminder
  • Birthday reminder
  • Employee statistics by Department, Qualification, Gender etc
  • Instant Drill-Down to record level information

Payslip Generation

  • Generate Payslip for individual Employee or all Employees
  • Payroll Review, Generate and Undo Generation facility
  • E-mail Payslip – Email Password protected payslips to employees
  • Multiple Payslip Templates
  • Customised Payslip Templates
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