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32+ Years of Experience
6 Countries
Companies Served
Ichiban Payroll Guru is a simple, user-friendly, localised Payroll & HR software, seamlessly integrated with FACT ERP.NG, a comprehensive ERP solution with integrated modules for Financial Accounting, Purchase & Sales, Warehousing & Inventory, Manufacturing, Fixed Assets and Report Writing. It helps reduce duplication, processes transactions in real-time and updates report instantaneously helping management to respond quickly.
  • Localised for your Country – Singapore, Malaysia, India, UAE, Philippines & Nepal
  • Multi Company / Multi Entity License
  • Concurrent Multi User access
  • Control payroll privacy & security. Grant granular level Security Rights to your Users
Business Intelligence Tools
Ease of Implementation
Fully Configurable
Enhance Marketing Activities
Unlimited Personalisation
Facilitate Sales Efficiency
Connect from Anywhere
Cloud Accounting
Compliance Monitoring
Portfolio/Family Wealth Management
Export Documentation
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